There is nothing worse than cutting a day on the mountain short due to tiny frozen toes or uncomfortable feet. We have been there before, and we know exactly what you need to prevent it from happening to your family!

Here at Fun For Kids we have quality footwear for all seasons. Whether your family is walking, hiking, tubing or sledding we have the shoe (or boot) for you! Our winter boots are designed for more than just fashion providing optimal mobility and warmth. Here in Whistler you can expect a gamut of weather conditions in every season. Your kids will need footwear to withstand the rain, snow, sleet and sun (often all in the same day!) and we have the best selection of shoes and boots for all tastes and conditions. Choosing waterproof footwear to withstand the rain and snow is a must for your time in Whistler.

We carry quality footwear brands such as Kamik, Sorel, Toms and Timberland all designed to provide your children with the support and function they need for a fun and active time.

Choosing appropriate footwear is much more than matching the shoe to the climate or activity. Ensuring a correct fit, proper construction, and matching the right footwear to your child’s age and mobility is essential for ideal comfort and preventing foot problems in the future. Come in and meet one of our expert shoe and boot fitters (yes, there really is such a thing!) to guarantee the best fit for your family on the mountain.

Fun For Kids fulfills orders for online customers Canada-wide!
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Winter Outerwear Brands We Carry