At Fun For Kids Clothing & Accessories we’ve got everything children need to get the most out of their Whistler summer, from quality footwear to protective headgear.

Stylish clothing

Proper clothing for the summer months is key to enjoying the great weather. When summer is right around the corner, make sure you stop by Fun For Kids Clothing & Accessories for all of your children’s top of the line clothing. Discover our name brand shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits designed specifically for kids. With our huge selection of patterns, designs and styles we know that your children will find something they love.

Reliable footwear

One of the most important things you can do to keep your child safe during the summer is providing them with proper footwear. Whether it’s flip-flops for playing in the water or hiking boots for climbing the mountain, we can help! Ensuring the proper fit and function is essential for preventing blisters and exhaustion. Our professional associates can help find the perfect fit for your kids in modern, unique styles.

Summer accessories

Promote safe outdoor fun for your kids with a variety of reliable accessories available from Fun For Kids Clothing & Accessories. Our helmets and helmet covers give your children safe and stylish ways to avoid injuries while doing the things they enjoy. Let our kid friendly staff fit your kids with a helmet that is FIS approved and has an adjustable fitting system that will keep your child safe for years to come. We also carry sunglasses and goggles for kids.

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