3-2-1 Goggles On! The most finicky of all snow gear accessories but one of the most important.

Choose the wrong pair of goggles for your child and their day will be a blurry haze and yours a never-ending circuit of de-fogging, re-adjusting and re-assuring. The purpose of goggles is tri-fold, to protect the eyes from glare, to protect the eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays and to shield the eyes from snow and moisture. Sounds pretty simple, right? Think again. When choosing goggles you need to think about the lenses, the functionality and the fashion statement.

These days there are several different types of lenses varying in colours, tints and sun protection. Each lens is designed for specific weather conditions and terrain. Ensuring your child’s goggles are protectant from the harmful rays of the sun is important as long term sun exposure can result in degenerative eye diseases later in life. Even when it isn’t hot outside be sure that those UV rays are stronger than ever bouncing off the reflective powdery white stuff!

The functionality of goggles is also important, ensure they fit snugly on the helmet and aren’t going to slide down your child’s face every five minutes or hug too tightly on the head. Finally fashion- this is the easy part! We have a huge selection of kid’s goggles in all different colours and patterns to appease all tastes.

The staff at Fun For Kids can help you choose the right goggles for your family dependent on what type of skiing and riding you are planning to do.

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