You’ve got your families outerwear and gear sorted but you still need one key accessory to complete their mountain attire.

A backpack is a great accessory for your children on the mountain. Not only can they stash their gloves and goggles before and after ski school they can also pack a water bottle, snacks and what-ever else they might need for their day on the mountain. Older bikers, skiers and riders will also like the convenience of having a place to hoard their gear, snacks and tech devices.

Look for backpacks that are compact and are able to hold all of the gear without being too big and bulky. For kids with tech devices such as phones and Ipods ensure there is safe, waterproof storage. Getting a good fit where the backpack matches your child’s torso length is ideal. A camel back is a great feature for the older kids who will be working up a sweat either on bike, ski or board.

Whatever backpack you choose ensure it is waterproof and has easily accessible zippers and compartments. At Fun For Kids we carry well-known backpack brands such as Northface, Burton and Camelback. We know the importance of the right gear and accessories for creating optimal experiences for your family in Whistler. Let us help you choose the best backpack for your kids!

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